What is My Meds?

This journal has one main purpose: To help you manage your medications.

When it comes to medications, it can be difficult remembering:

  • Which medications have I already taken today?
  • Which medications should I take next?
  • What allergies do I have?
  • What medications do I have?
    • Who prescribed them for me?
    • Should any medications be refrigerated?
    • When should I take my medications?
    • How much should I take?
    • Should I take my medications with or without food?
    • What side effects (if any) do my medications have?
  • Which medications should be refilled?
    • When should my medications be refilled?
    • Who do I call to refill them?
    • What information do I need to refill them?

This journal will help you keep a record of your medications so you will have the answers to all of the questions above – right at your fingertips.



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